Parents – Have you seen these signs?

Friends, we want everyone to be safe and have fun at the Summerfield pool. It is an important part of our community, and one that we want to be used safely by all. However, it is a SHARED resource – and that means there are some rules that we need to observe, some of which come from the state.

It is in EVERYONE’S best interest to make sure that EVERYONE is aware of and abides by these rules to maximize our safe fun and enjoyment. Please raise awareness and refer to them as needed!  (Don’t forget – If you are renting your home out – you must make sure the tenants are aware of all the community rules. See

Remember – children under 14 MUST be supervised (see below.)

And here is a text version, for ease of reading:

Children, under age 14, must be supervised by an attending parent or an adult that has assumed that responsibility. The supervising adult must be at least 18 years old. There is no lifeguard on duty! No diving.

  1. Pool hours are from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm
  2. The gate to enter the pool area must be kept locked at all times. Do not grant access to people without keys. This pool is for the use of Summerfield residents and their guests. All others are trespassing and should be reported to the Sheriff at the non-emergency dispatch # 858-565-5200, and also to the HOA board (see #10 below).
  3. No profanity, running or unsafe conduct will be permitted.
  4. No pets, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, frisbees, skates or rollerblades are allowed in the pool area.
  5. No gum, glass objects, or smoking allowed in the pool area. Beverages and food are allowed in the pool area, but not in the pool. Please use trash receptacles.
  6. Clean up and haul trash home after parties.
  7. Hardballs such as tennis balls or smash balls are not permitted.
  8. Parents are responsible for their children. Damage to the pool area by residents, their children or their guests will be paid for by the residents.
  9. All babies and young children who wear diapers must wear a diaper designed for swimming protection.
  10. Report pool maintenance issues to [email protected] or call a board member; current numbers are listed on
  11. Any infraction of these rules is cause for immediate dismissal from the pool.
  12. Every homeowner has the right to enforce these rules and is encouraged to do so.


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