Public Safety and Services


Emergency Dispatch

The 911 emergency dispatch center provides unified emergency dispatching for the sheriff, fire department and ambulances, to be used in the case of immediate threat to life, safety, health or property. See this document for the sheriff’s guidelines on best using 911:

Be aware that San Diego county now allows texting to 911 when voice calls are not possible:

Non-Emergency Sheriff Number

The Poway Sheriff Non-Emergency Dispatch Phone is 858-565-5200. For more info and the local station address, see: When there is not an immediate threat to life, safety, health or property, use the non-emergency dispatch phone to make your report or inquiry. Noise reports (other than barking) would be made to this line.

Helicopter Announcements

Call 858-866-4356 (or text “Hello”) to get current helicopter announcement messages.  For more info, see:

Poway ALERT Line

Poway now has a citywide tip line for residents to report safety concerns. With the goal of helping law enforcement prevent tragedies, Poway ALERT (855-56-ALERT) is accessible 24-hours for residents to call if they are concerned someone they know may be planning an act of violence or may be a danger to themselves or others. See:

This web service allows you to get daily updates on crime reports or look back over the last few months to see what types of crimes have occurred in an area. Click this link to see reports for the last week (where our pool is the center of the map):,%20Poway,%20CA,% 2092064,%20USA Adjust the time range using the menu or subscribe for daily alerts via email using the ‘Receive Alerts’ button.

Animal Services

Poway contracts with the Humane Society for animal control, including lost and stray dogs and barking dog complaints. The number is 760-888-2275. See this web page for more information:


Register your home or cellular phone or email to receive emergency alerts from the city and county. See:

Emergency Preparedness

Earthquake, storm, fire and utility outages? Check these links:

City of Poway Council

Council meeting times, location and participation information is here:

Poway Water Conservation Information

Current info on water conservation rules, drought declarations, etc.:

Toxic Waste Disposal

Toxic waste can be disposed of at the Poway Hazardous Waste Collection Facility, 12325 Crosthwaite Circle, Poway on most Saturdays between 9AM and 3PM. Drive to the rear of the facility. You must also give them the container in which you carry the hazardous waste. See:

City Trash & Recycling Collection

All trash and recycling collection services are provided by EDCO Disposal. See:  and

Public Officials

Contact information for elected officials:

Cal Fire – Current Information

This has a list and map of major fire incidents.
Useful Twitter account: