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Frequently Asked Questions

What streets and how many houses comprise the Summerfield neighborhood?

The Summerfield neighborhood has 173 houses on 10 streets: Birchbrook Court, Cedar Tree Way, Elmfield Lane, Firbrook Lane, Oakbrook Court, Oakfield Way, Pinebrook Court, Pinefield Road, Rios Road, Summerfield Lane.

How much are HOA dues?

Summerfield residents pay homeowner’s dues on an annual basis. Our fiscal year runs from July-June. The homeowners dues fund the maintenance of Summerfield property, which includes the community pool and common area, pass-throughs and walking paths, and other common areas. Contact us for current dues.

What schools do children living in Summerfield attend?

Summerfield families are served by the Poway Unified School District, which includes Painted Rock Elementary School, Twin Peaks Middle School, and Poway High School. Families may also consider nearby private schools such as St. Michael’s and several Montessori schools. There are also a number of private preschools in the area.

What is the policy on trash removal?

Trash pick-up day in our neighborhood is Tuesday. (See EDCO Disposal for holiday schedule). Trash containers can be placed on the curb for collection on the morning of pick-up or the previous evening. After pick-up, empty containers should be stored in the garage or behind the fence out of sight of passersby on the street.

What exterior home improvements require approval?

Any proposed changes or improvements visible from the street and/or adjacent property must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval prior to commencement. This includes paint, roofs, windows, fences, gates, new rooms/room additions, sheds, patios, patio covers, entry covers, awnings, hardscape (sidewalks, driveways, decorative walls), and recreational equipment (basketball backboards, swings, etc.). When in doubt, contact the Architectural Committee Chairman.

How do I submit a request for improvements?

Prior to commencing any exterior home improvements, homeowners must submit an Application for Architectural Improvement. Applications are reviewed monthly at the Architectural Committee meetings.

What if I share a fence (or other property) with the Association?

There are a number of homes adjacent to Association-owned property (along pass-throughs, walkways and the community pool). Any improvements made on shared property (replacing fences, trimming trees, etc.) must be performed by a contractor that is licensed, bonded and insured and requires prior approval by the Board. Typically, the expense is shared between the homeowner and the Association.

How do I obtain a pool key?

For safety and security of our residents, a key is required to gain access into the pool area. Keys will only be issued to Homeowners. To obtain a key, contact [email protected]. Residents who move out of the neighborhood must return their key.

How can I receive timely information about neighborhood news and events?

Summerfield Scoops is the quarterly newsletter distributed by the Association. To receive a copy via e-mail, submit your Name, Address, Phone Number and E-mail address to: [email protected].

What days can I water and for how long

Day-of-week landscape water usage restrictions in Poway are subject to the City’s rules. Please check the City of Poway website for information on any ongoing water use efficiency rules.

Legal Answers to Homeowner Questions

Answers to questions posed by Summerfield homeowners on May 29, 2008; prepared by the law offices of Epsten, Grinnell & Howell.