2023 SHOA Annual Update Posted – Dues Invoices On the Way

Thanks to all who attended our annual meeting, chatting over cake and reminiscing about the 50 year Summerfield anniversary! If you could not join us – never fear! See more info within our annual presentation:   SHOA 2023 Annual Presentation  (Sorry, cake not included…)

SHOA dues for 2023-2024 are $360.  Please note that annual SHOA dues invoices will arrive before the end of June and are payable by the end of July. Instructions for payment are included.

If you need to update your contact information (phone, email or address for non-resident owners and tenants), please be sure to fill and return information with your payment.

We thank Eric Kant, Crime Prevention Specialist from the San Diego Sheriff’s department for presenting during our annual meeting. Please see materials that he provided to us linked below:

Fire Season Preparedness

We hope that we do not have another wildfire like the one in 2007 that caused our neighborhood to be evacuated— but fire season is approaching for our area, and we should all stand ready to respond if needed.
We encourage everyone to subscribe to AlertSanDiego. This is the county’s “reverse 911” emergency notification system and the City of Poway’s primary resource for contacting you in an event that needs your immediate attention, such as an evacuation due to fires. All landlines are automatically a part of this database, but by registering your email address and mobile phone number, you won’t miss a notification.

Getting prepared for earthquake, storm, fire and utility outages? Check these links: http://poway.org/410/EmergencyPreparedness

This has a list and map of major fire incidents.  https://www.fire.ca.gov/incidents
Useful Twitter account: https://twitter.com/CALFIRESANDIEGO

Spring time – Weed time

We had lots of rain this spring – and that greened our yards (but also our weeds….) Don’t forget that we all need to work within our architectural standards:

Yards must be maintained, watered, planted and replanted to prevent erosion and present a healthy and trimmed appearance (no more than 20% of lawn area dry or dying). Weeds must be kept under control in all areas of lawns and landscaping. Weeds in the sidewalks or driveways must be removed or eradicated.

Please note that early in the year is the time to apply pre-emergent weed treatments to lawns. But if they have already come up, please get them out before they spread all over your yard (and spread to all your neighbors’ yards…) Thanks!

If you have any question about landscaping – please email or call! Thanks!


Trash Bins

Please don’t forget our Architectural Standards requirement for trash bins: Placement of trash containers/bags in front of a dwelling is restricted to a twenty-four hour period surrounding a scheduled pick-up. After pick-up, empty containers should be stored in the garage or behind the fence out of sight of passers-by on the street.


Summerfield Annual HOA Meeting – Poway Sheriff Dept – 50th Anniversary
2023 Pool Closing for the Season